Brand Strategist & Account Manager

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March 7, 2019

Brand Strategist & Account Manager

Berlin, Germany
2+ years experience
40h / week

Job Description

This role is merging two worlds. On one side, you will need a thorough understanding of how to manage clients in a way that is as effective and operationally efficient as possible. On the other hand you need a thorough understanding of marketing, branding and the Instagram platform itself.

You will manage clients in a variance of industries such as food, fashion, fitness, digital products. You will need to adapt to these clients quickly and develop and understanding for the unique propositions of different brands.


  • Manage ongoing client relationships
  • Orchestrate the creative and editing team
  • Participate in sales activities


  • Good understanding of the marketing needs of small businesses
  • Dedication for Instagram as a platform
  • Great communicator with clients
  • Understanding of the operational interdependencies

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